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                                              Review // Juicytox UK                                                  

As you well know, I have documented my weight loss journey for a while now. I am not one to follow fad diets, I believe in healthy eating and moving more – it is the only thing that has ever worked for me. However, when I was approached by Juicytox and asked if I wanted to give juicing a go I couldn’t refuse. Juicing is something that a lot of people have been talking about recently, it is not only the perfect detox but also the new ‘kickstart’ to your weightloss journey. Juicytox is a Sussex run business providing a 4 day detox. The juices are freshly made with ingredients such as, Celery, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Beetroot, Carrot, Orange and Ginger. You drink these regularly throughout the day, as well as completing your day with a nice cup of detox tea. 

Your day is as follows:

8am Hot lemon water
10am Green
1pm Orange
4pm Green
7pm Beetroot
9pm Detox tea 
You also must drink 2ltrs of lemon water throughout the day.

If you’re a food addict like me, you will find it hard. However, it usually is mind over matter and if you are stubborn and persevere you will reap the rewards! You have a mixture of green, orange and red juice. Orange was by far my favourite and I looked forward to 1pm. I am a big water drinker and always carry around a large pink sports bottle that I fill up throughout the day, so making sure I drunk enough water was not a problem for me. If this is a problem for you, a tip I have picked up along the way is to buy a litre bottle of Evian and write the times of the day on there ie. 9am 10am 11am – make yourself drink the water up to the time of day. Giving yourself a challenge is a great way to ensure you do it – who wants to lose to a water bottle!?!?

I am a food lover, and I find nothing more satisfying than having a munch on my favourite foods. I am also a gym bunny, going to the gym around 4 times a week. Taking part in Juicytox’s 4 day detox meant I had to give this up. Going to the gym is not advised by Juicytox as your energy levels will be expectantly lower. However naughty old me did still go the gym (I’m an addict, oops). However, I took my level down and listened to my body. I found that this didn’t cause me too many problems – yes, my energy levels were slightly lower than usual but I had no problems finishing an hours workout.

Now for the results...

Everyone’s body is completely different, and the way it works is completely malleable to your lifestyle. I am quite an active person, I walk everywhere and am always on my feet. This did mean I found Juicytox particularly hard. This however was soon outweighed when I began to see results.
I have a big problem with lactose and white carbs. I swell up to the size of a balloon and look like I am 7 months pregnant (not attractive). In my daily diet I try to stay away from these food groups – but who can resist a bread roll and a bar of choccy sometimes? Juicytox reduced my bloating by 100% - My belly was finally flat!! I was very impressed with these results.

In terms of measurements, over the 4 days I lost a total of just under 6lbs – a great loss. All together this equated to 1 inch around my belly and just under an inch around my waist. However, about a week later I did find that I put these back on very quickly. I wasn’t surprised by this however, as even though I do live a reasonably healthy lifestyle, I deprived my body of food and as soon as I gave it what it wanted it grabbed a hold! The most important benefits it beheld however for me personally, did not lie in the weightloss. Though weightloss is a huge component to juicing, it is the cleansing and detoxifying experience that lies at its forefront. These benefits were shown from not only my decreased bloating but my skin as well. I have never had problem skin only the odd spot. However, I did find my complexion had brightened up and any blemishes/spots I did have were clearing nicely. This is supported my Juicytox who state that weight isn’t the only benefit of a juicing detox. Juicytox claims that those who have completed Juicytox experience:

- Weight loss  
- Improved energy levels
- Felt less sluggish
- Concentration levels were better
- Healthier hair and nails
- Stronger immune system
- Skin felt better
- More determined

I must say, I agree with all of the benefits and I experienced them all to some extent. Especially determination: like I said, it is mind of matter, and if you can prove to yourself that you can do it; you really can do anything! I was very impressed by many aspects of Juicytox.. I would do the detox again, only if it was prior to going on holiday or an event in which I wanted to look good. I would also do it if I had over indulged – over Christmas time for example. Having an outcome to reach for and a target to look forward to would make it a lot easier.

I still do love my food, and though my affair with Juicytox was 4 days long it was a successful one. Have you tried juicing before?

Fancy having a juicy affair?

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Sophie Lowe xx

How I Lost 20lbs || Updated Weight Loss Story

                                     How I Lost 20lbs // My Updated Weight Loss Story                                       
I thought I would mark my return with a little update on my weight loss story/journey. It is an ongoing journey for me, sometimes one I enjoy and other times I loathe. Though weight is an increasingly sensitive and negatively transcribed subject, it is one I approach with honesty. 

I will start from the beginning. Like most, I started off with the intention to lose a bit of weight. Through school I had been carrying my 'puppy fat' for a little bit too long, and holding on to the hope that I would grow a little taller. That never happened, and no, I never grew out of the 'puppy fat' stage. Your teens is the most difficult time of your life, emotionally and physically you are experiencing changes that you don't understand. You are getting emotional about silly things, you are coming into the 'important' parts of your education, you are perhaps getting your first boyfriend... and things seem to be in just one chaotic cycle of emotions. That's OK! I would however, like to point out that as I have grown older I look back, and think about how hard it must be to be a parent of a teenage daughter. Keeping up with the constant cyclone of emotions is pretty daunting to me!! 

However, in my early teens, I never really batted an eyelid about my weight. I would come home from school, snack on unhealthy food, and just slob out on the sofa. I am not one for sports, I HATE competitive sport and would do anything to avoid it. I knew my eating habits were bad, I was quite aware of that. Though, I would like to point out that my weight gain/chubbyness was completely my own fault and my own doing. I was a sneaky eater, I would eat in private and hide it from others, often lying about what i'd eaten that day. It was when I reached 15/16 that I realized this had to stop. It was the summer of 2009, the year of my GCSE's, the summer of my prom and the summer that I went on holiday with a friend. I was shocked by the pictures from this holiday especially, and now, I despise looking back on my prom pictures. It was a lovely day, and at the time, I felt fine and completely confident. The pictures however told a different story:

It was at this fragile age that I began to feel conscious about my weight, knowing that I wasn't perhaps as 'skinny' as my friends. Though, I must say I was never unhappy or had extreme insecurity issues. The thing I love about myself, and I pride myself on is my positive attitude - I would define myself as a pretty well-rounded self confident women. Yes, I have my problems, but weight was never at the forefront of them. I did however have a will to change my body. During this time, I really had no idea how to go about it. I wasn't aware of online communities or blogs, like tumblr that we have now. It was simple, I just cut down on my snacks.

When school came back around I made the decision to start jogging every morning. I remember distinctly waking up at silly o'clock and running for 10 minutes - I was rubbish. I have a complete love-hate relationship with running, and back then it was completely hate. Unsurprisingly, it didn't last very long. I was trying to force myself in to exercise and the more I forced, the more I hated. It was tough. I didn't know what path to take, but I carried on eating healthy. The pounds did come off slowly, but the difference wasnt significant. 

I hate to admit it, but one thing that did spark the beginning of my weightloss was something that most girls will experience one way or another - the heartbreak diet. Now, I was usually the one to run to food for comfort, but this time it was completely different. I lost a few pounds, I saw a difference and so did my friends. It was this summer I decided to join the gym with two of my friends. I can categorically say it was one of the BEST decisions I ever made. I learn't so much during that summer, I lost 10lbs and I loved my body. 

Then, Uni came around. I was victim to the freshers 15. I put my hands up and take complete blame for it - it was the food. I know most people link a lot of boozy nights out with weightgain, but I am not a huge drinker myself. Living by myself for the first time, I took a lazy attitude to food. Id stick things in the oven, and munch away - bacon sandwiches were my weakness, and chicken nuggets were my dinners. I am so ashamed to admit it - but you learn from these bumps in the road. I remember my boyfriend coming to visit, and we were going out on a night out. I tried on around 10 dresses, with only one of them fitting me. I burst into tears, I think it took Jack by surprise!! Again, I had another realization that things had to change, my hard work over the summer had been completely destroyed and I was feeling my lowest. The next 6 months were very much the same, yoyo-ing between weight and not dedicating myself. I wasn't able to make that commitment. Yep,  I went to the gym every so often, but I couldn't commit. My relationship with food was atrocious, I'd eat hardly anything one day, and i'd binge the next. It was a very dangerous thing to do.

However, something changed in my second year a uni. I lived further away and walked to my lectures everyday. Having a nice kitchen (not crappy student halls), I was more inclined to cook meals. I also started working in a pub, which really brought structure to my day. I would eat three meals a day, which were mainly meat and veg. I would go to a gym class at uni 3 times a week and things really kicked off. I was losing weight, my jeans were getting looser and I loved it. Of course, it wasn't all easy, I would have days where I would binge, and I still do. In fact, I had one last night. I love my food and I would never fully deprive myself, I just had to learn how to make the right choices.

It is now a year from then and although I am a few pounds heavier than last year, I am happy. I go to gym classes 4 times a week Monday-Thursday and make the conscious effort to eat three meals a day. It is not always easy, my schedule is very busy and I am always up and about. But by PLANNING ahead, I do manage to get by. I am off to Thailand in the summer and I do plan on losing a little more, and toning up so I am 100% happy. I have never been a skinny girl, and I will never be the ultimate girl figure. But I am me, and, to be honest, I love my curves. Here are some up to date pictures of me - 

Sophie xx

A Rambly Update

                                                          A Rambly Update                                                                    

Hello my darlings!

Yes, I am back! My massive apologies for my absence recently - I have had a lot of life things going on meaning that blogging had to take a bit of a step back! This post is going to be a rambly one, talking about what I've been up to, my future plans and tying up some bits and bobs! A lot of you have said you liked my rambly posts before so this is for you! For those that don't, please feel free to press the little red X on the top right hand corner. I won't be offended, I promise!

Where have you been!? I hear you ask! At the end of August I headed on holiday with the lovely boyfriend to beautiful bay named Kiotari which is on the island of Rhodes. It was a long awaited holiday and I just couldn't wait to get away! Our English summer was actually quite successful in the fact that we had glorious sunshine for a good amount of weeks! But there is nothing like holiday sun! It is different, though its the same's just different ok!We had such a great time, and it was so nice to have a week of sun, cocktails and the pool! We headed to a waterpark one day which turned us both into children again, flying down the slides! We also did a bit of jetskiing, which I think has permanently bruised my bum! (ouch). Below are some photos of our time in Rhodes to give you a little insight of our week of paradise!

Our beautiful hotel at night

On our balcony. Dress from ASOS.

At the pool bar. Top from Primark. Skirt from H&M, Shoes from Primark

The pool during day time!

On the balcony before our a la carte meal. Dress from Miss Selfridge. Necklace from New Look.

Having a cocktail. Dress was a gift.

Jack enjoying a beer.
In the past 2 weeks I have also moved back to Uni! I have been moving in to my new house and settling in as well as starting lectures and all that jazz! A room tour will be happening in the near future, probably in an arty video style of collage style - let me know what you would prefer! I have begun my third and final year of uni and I cant quite believe it! I am terrified but also very excited - My life will truly begin this summer! Eeeeeek!

Anyway, I am back! Hello, Gutentarg, bonjour and all!


Sophie xx