Bloggers Go Skinny - My Weight Story

On my blogger travels, I came across Sophia and Sandra's blog, "Bloggers Go Skinny". Here, they provide us with their weight stories and new, fresh ways to looks at food and excercise. This was exactly what I needed to get me started on my journey to a healthier life. Go and check them out!!
They talk about using the app - "My fitness app", I have downloaded this and made my own profile with the username - "sophiee123456789" (Sorry for the long winded approach). Do feel free to add me on this app, and we can help each other.

Before starting, I think its appropriate to let my readers into my private life to some extent and share my weight story with you. However, I know weight remains to be a sensitive topic to many people, including me, so I am going to approach it in the most sensitive way as I can.

My Measurements -
BMI - 24.5
Weight - 69kg
Height - 5'6
Waist - 31"
Thigh - 18"
Hips - 41"

My BMI falls just inside the "healthy weight" area, and naturally, I want to get this lower (20 - 22). I know this means I am not overweight, but I know that I have lots of room to lose a bit and live a healthier life. My goals weight is 57kg so that is over 10kg which is about 1 stone to lose. I know I will feel happier within myself after losing this stone.

Throughout my life I have always been the girl who has been a little bit bigger than everyone else. I wouldnt say I was "the fat one", i'd say I was more the "chubby" or "puppy-fat" one. My brother is naturally skinny, it is obvious he will eat a lot more than me (at least 2 mcdonalds a week) and remain very skinny. Of course, this has had its effect on me. I have yo-yo dieted continuously throughout my teenage years and my weight has ranged from 10.1 st - 11.2st. I am now at the higher end of that bracket and I am unhappy with it.

Losing weight is about making that decision and sticking to it. Now, I'm sure I have made that decision, and with you guys checking up on me (please) i'll know that I HAVE to do it, and won't want to let you down. Im sure the "my fitness pal" app will become my best friend.

Lets do this together.

Lastly, a HUGE thankyou to those at Blogger's go Skinny for encouraging not only me, but many other bloggers to begin this journey.

Here we go!!


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely and good luck with the weight loss. I was 69 kg myself at some point and I wasn't happy and wanted to achieve the exact same goal as you. I totally understand how you feel and I hate the fact that being over 60kg is considered chubby and fat :( I believed it as a teenager and ended up with an eating disorder :(

  2. Just fell upon your blog, Please make sure you do lose weight in a healthy way as it is so devastating when young girls develop eating disorders. Good luck!! p's lots of healthy recipes on my blog


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