About my Blog/FAQ

What is your blog for?
I like to think my blog is an outlet for myself as well as for others. It is a blog I take huge pride in, writing about things I love for people who love to read it.

Where did it all begin?
My little blog started in 2012 as Sophisticatexx. I had been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for almost 2 years. I love writing and after completing my first year at University studying an English degree I thought creating my own little blog would be the perfect outlet for me. Now I have finished uni, I have changed my blog name merely to my own name: Sophie Lowe. As I have grown older and experienced new things, my direction has changed and I wanted to reflect this in my blog.

What camera do I use?
I use a mixture of both my iphone camera and my Sony snapshot camera. I know most bloggers have quite a strong opinion on using an iphone camera. However, why would you carry a large camera around with you when you have a little brick of gadgets in your pocket! For me, if I make sure my composition is good and I have a steady hand you can't really go wrong! I use the app camera+ which I highly recommend.

Do I edit my photos?
I edit lighting, colours. contrast etc using ipiccy. Obviously I don't edit swatch pictures completely as this can often change the colour of the product, defeating the whole idea.


  1. How did you find your background? Was it a free template or a paid one? We're having trouble finding one that we like and that we think fits our style. :(

    1. Hi girlies! A lovely girl called suz did mine for me - I would highly recommend her. Her link is as follows: http://www.bloosieslife.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page_31.html



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