Birthdays and Anniversary's

Hi guys!

I have finally caught a moment to myself, and thought I should update you on what has been going on in my life! I am currently sitting on my bed, in a towel waiting for my hair to get out of that "dripping wet" stage so I can get on with drying it! Talking of hair, I have been thinking, very seriously, about jumping on the ombre bandwagon, if not then returning to a mousy brown. Recently, as many of you "manufactured" blondes can understand, my hair has started to take a canary yellowish shade of colour. I am getting fed up of having a lemon or a bail of straw on my head and think its time to return to my roots - quite literally. I would LOVE to know what you guys think, please advise me!

This week marks a very special week which im sure my title "Birthdays and Anniversary's"gives away. It is my boyfriends birthday tomorrow, and his mums was yesterday so we are heading out for a meal this evening. I am sooo excited to give Jack his present, which I can't share with you guys just yet due to prying eyes! But tomorrow, I shall let you know!

Thursday also marks Jack and I's first year together as a couple. (Aww). I know to some more mature bloggers this may seem like a miniscule amount of time, which it does in comparison to 30 years of marriage. However, for me it is an achievement. A post is coming up about our year together, and the trials and tribulations in a relationship - not that I am an expert or anything! It has been a difficult year for us as, as you know, it was my first year of university. It felt like I was being dragged away from him when we were in the perfect "honeymoon" period. I am quite aware that university times are creeping up on us quickly. So I am going to schedule a post especially for those off to uni and leaving their beloved at home - I know I would have loved to have some guidance on this.

As a quick extra I wanted to say a BIG  CONGRATULATIONS to all my readers who have just recieved their a-level results - I wish you all the best at university!

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Congratulations :) You have a cute blog.
    I loved the instagram pictures.
    And I am your new follower.

    I am new here.
    Please do check my blog too.


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