50 Shades of Disappointment

Like every other teenager/woman (I hope no children) around the world, I have been religiously reading the 50 Shades trilogy. There was so much talk surrounding the novels that, as an English student it seemed both a sin and a blessing that I should read it. As I was going on holiday I seized the opportunity to begin the books, knowing I would have time to enjoy them without the worry of reading lists and university books.

Firstly, I want to point out how many women I saw reading this book around the pool. Every other person had the book in hand and it seemed like our Moroccan hotel was under the 50 shades spell. The novels fall into the genre of "erotica", naturally, as an erotic novel it is part of a niche audience so it is a suprise that it became so popular so quickly. However, as humans, we love something thats naughty and a little bit different.

I must say, the first book was a huge disapointment to me. I was hooked on the first few chapters where I found myself falling for Christian Grey until the contract came into question (HUGE TURN OFF!). Following Anatasia's loss of innocence, it seemed only to be about the sex and the contract that followed. I do understand that the first books purpose is to establish this unusual relationship between Grey and Ana and to establish the rules of the contract. However, I felt the novel lacked clarity in terms of the character development and narrative. I did actually find myself skimming past the "sex" bits just so I could find a narrative.

Beginning the second book, "50 shades darker", I was surprised to see a turn in the narrative and found that it was a lot more interesting and captivating. As I delved deeper into Grey former life I became hooked by the book and couldnt put it down. I am not writing this review to ruin your experience of reading so I won't give anything away. NEVERTHELESS, the last 2 paragraphs were SO exciting I think it made me scream on the plane home!

So, the last book...
I was left on such a high and cliff-hanger ending that I had to begin it almost immediately. And again, the novel was capitavating including all elements of story reading I love - excitement, narrative, character development. It was almost as if the little love story I had playing around my head was beginning to fall into place and I actually found myself missing the characters when I wasn't reading the book.
However, with the sudden twist in narrative at the end of the novel, I found it to be a very disapointing end to a great trilogy. I didnt feel the novel should have ended there, yet there was a hint that the story of Ana and Christian will continue. So this may not be the end - who knows!

Im hoping that the movie will open many doors to this ending, as I felt it left me a bit downhearted and at a dead end,

I know many of you guys will have read this, so i'd love for your opinions!


  1. interesting post!
    it's all a bit strange, how an erotica book has become so popular, and seen acceptable to read on the train, by the pool etc.. But if i whipped out my actual erotica book that wasn't 50 shades of grey, people would look at me in disgust?! strange!
    for me, i think the book was definitely overated from what everyone has hyped about. i didn't find myself gripped on the first one (so much that i haven't even finished it!) but now after reading this post, i will make it my mission to finish it and see if i too, think the same!x

  2. I totally agree! I thought the first one was way over rated! you have made me want to read the other two now though! good blog post!

    Sharna x

  3. I have currently finished reading the '50 Shades' trilogy myself, and as i have just said to my colleague in work (as she gave me the three books) I was extremely disappointed with the ending of '50 Shades Freed'. I found the whole idea of the trilogy, at first, a bit boring. I didn't really feel the need to read it. However, after a girly Friday night of everyone apart from me raving about it.. I decided to give it a try. The first book, especially the first few chapters were exciting, and i couldn't put the book down, however i agree with you that the rest of it was a bit overrated. The second book was great, especially when you started to fully understand why Mr Grey was the way he was. However, the third books ending left me a bit, annoyed if i'm honest. Infact i found myself lying in bed last night after reading the last paragraph saying outload... 'what the f**k?!' Extremely disappointed.


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