Hi Guys!

So I have been in England for 2 weeks now, finally settling back into the routine of cloudy skys and work.
As you know, I spent a week in July in Agadir, Morocco with my wonderful boyfriend. I had the most perfect time and promised I would share some pictures with you. (Coming up - be patient!)

We stayed in Riu Tikida Dunas (check it out) - and honestly, I couldn't fault it. The staff were charming and the food was of variety and plentiful. There were 2 HUGE freshwater pools, which made the hot days more bareable. It looked like we were in a tropical paradise!

On the shopping front - we were warned before we went of persistent street sellers. This was evident, but as soon as we said a firm "no" they moved on (suprising!). The rep informed us that there were over 2,000 shops in Agadir yet only 1 that had fixed government prices. So, to avoid the haggling we went there. Of course, it provided us with brilliant replicas (Im partial for a replica sometimes). I bought a large longchamp copy for 297 dirhams. There are 13 dirhams to a pound - so do the maths - I think Jack got so annoyed at me because I kept asking how much things were. Maths has never been my strong point!
I also managed to nab myself a prada (cough cough) teddy compact mirror - so cute and perfect for my bag! A ralph lauren (cough again) cable knit sweater was also in the bag by the time I left.

I was aware before I went out to Morocco of what they call "liquid gold" - Argen oil. I decided to buy a small bottle of pure cosmetic argen oil and have been using it in my hair. (Blog post coming up). I am yet to try it on my skin but word on the street is - it makes a perfect moisterising tool! Let me know if any of you have tried argen oil.

1 of the pools in Riu Tikida Dunas

Jack and I

Strawberry Daquiri

One of my fave dresses.
Matalan - £20

Another one of my fave dresses
Matalan - £18

I have only been back 2 weeks, but can't wait to go away again!
Has anyone else been to Morocco?

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