Hellooo ! Thought I would update you a little on myself and the things I have been doing. I have been a bit lacking in the blog department recently but hope to improve on this once I am back from holiday!

I have had an extremely busy and exciting last 2 weeks -

I picked up the keys to my new house that I am sharing at uni - I love it and it surpassed all expectations.

It was my birthday! Ive finalyl stepped out of the sugarcoated age of 18 into the dull 19 years. I had an absolutely brilliant day and celebrated it just perfectly. My boyfriend took me on an amazing surprise up to London for lunch and We Will Rock You. We spent most of the day in convent garden, shopping , watching the entertainers, eating and drinking. Then making our way to the theatre we stumbled upon the Chariots of Fire re-release premiere - All very exciting if you ask me!
We Will Rock You is a fantastic show, and it never fails to amaze me how talented a group of individuals can be.

Today, I have been recovering from a birthday night out with all of my friends. As usual, it was a MAD one and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

Monday, I am heading off on holiday to Morocco - so there will be no blog posts next week! However, I hope to upload a huge one full of holiday antics and pictures!

I hope you are all well


  1. heya love your blog its amazing...just follwed :) would really appreciate it if you would support and follow my blog back :)



    1. Thankyou :) Will check your blog out :)



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