A Rambly Update

                                                          A Rambly Update                                                                    

Hello my darlings!

Yes, I am back! My massive apologies for my absence recently - I have had a lot of life things going on meaning that blogging had to take a bit of a step back! This post is going to be a rambly one, talking about what I've been up to, my future plans and tying up some bits and bobs! A lot of you have said you liked my rambly posts before so this is for you! For those that don't, please feel free to press the little red X on the top right hand corner. I won't be offended, I promise!

Where have you been!? I hear you ask! At the end of August I headed on holiday with the lovely boyfriend to beautiful bay named Kiotari which is on the island of Rhodes. It was a long awaited holiday and I just couldn't wait to get away! Our English summer was actually quite successful in the fact that we had glorious sunshine for a good amount of weeks! But there is nothing like holiday sun! It is different, though its the same sun...it's just different ok!We had such a great time, and it was so nice to have a week of sun, cocktails and the pool! We headed to a waterpark one day which turned us both into children again, flying down the slides! We also did a bit of jetskiing, which I think has permanently bruised my bum! (ouch). Below are some photos of our time in Rhodes to give you a little insight of our week of paradise!

Our beautiful hotel at night

On our balcony. Dress from ASOS.

At the pool bar. Top from Primark. Skirt from H&M, Shoes from Primark

The pool during day time!

On the balcony before our a la carte meal. Dress from Miss Selfridge. Necklace from New Look.

Having a cocktail. Dress was a gift.

Jack enjoying a beer.
In the past 2 weeks I have also moved back to Uni! I have been moving in to my new house and settling in as well as starting lectures and all that jazz! A room tour will be happening in the near future, probably in an arty video style of collage style - let me know what you would prefer! I have begun my third and final year of uni and I cant quite believe it! I am terrified but also very excited - My life will truly begin this summer! Eeeeeek!

Anyway, I am back! Hello, Gutentarg, bonjour and all!


Sophie xx


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, Sophie! And you looked like you had an amazing time on your trip! You have one of the best holiday wardrobes I've seen! I can't ever get out of plain t-shirts and jean shorts when I'm on vacation, and here you are in lovely dresses!

    Can't wait to see your makeup tutorial as I love the look you've got in the first pictures! It's gorg! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

  2. Happy New Year! To start off 2014 on a positive note I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :) check it out here: jesstastics.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. Hi honey, I love your blog and I've nominated you for a Leibster Award here http://elletreschic.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/liebster-award.html x


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