Updated Skin Care Routine

Looking at my blog history it seems that the most popular post was my last facial skin care routine outline. Over the last few months I have developed this and catered to my changing skin. I have always had combination skin, but recently I have developed a slightly oily centre with the odd dry patch. This has made me have to rethink my skin care routine and develop one that is perfect for both my oily skin and my dry patches. Developing a skin care routine is one that is often ever-evolving and changing. Our skin, especially on the face, is not a static entity, with age, weather and other external and internal factor it evolves, sheds and grows with us. Facial skin care is my no.1 priority, not only for hygiene but for health too. Yes, we have all had nights where we are too lazy to remove all of our makeup. We are all human, but that feeling when you wake up with sticky eyes and greasy skin is the worst and often leaves me feeling tired.

Cleansing Products:

1. Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.
As an avid lover of mascara and eye shadow I need a product that can remove my eye makeup quickly but gently with no scrubbing or irritation. In order for the product to have a 'double effect' you have to shake the solution together mixing the blue and translucent colour to create the perfect eye makeup remover recipe! I squeeze a small amount on 2 cotton pads (you can buy these cheaply from any drug store/supermarket) and hold these to my eyes while wiping slowly across my lids and lashes. No rubbing required! This featured in my June favourites, and I think it will stay in my favourites for a long while.

2. Bioderma H20 cleansing solution.
I think every blogger and their dog owns this cleansing water and there is definitely a reason why. I use this after my eye makeup remover to remove any residue and to begin removing the makeup on my face. Bioderma is clear and scent free providing a refreshing cleansing experience. Again, I place the solution on to a cotton pad and wipe in circular motions. I love the feeling that Bioderma gives after cleansing and it has the effect of a toner (the tingling, pore clenching feeling).

3. Garnier Soft Essentials Rose Extract Cleansing Lotion.
To calm the tingling sensation I place a pea sized amount of this lotion to a cotton pad and wipe in circular motions. The smell is just delicious and it really kicks start the moisturising stage of my skin care routine. This stage is probably not essential or necessary but I love the way it feels on my skin.

Toning and Moisturising Products -

1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir -
I give my face a quick spritz with the gorgeous Caudalie beauty spray. It is so refreshing and really tones and tightens those pores creating the perfect environment to start moisturising.

2. Boots Botanic Calming Night Cream and Brightening Day Cream -
I have always been a fan of the Boots Botanics range for its availability, price label and quality. In the morning, I use the day cream which has extracts of marsh mellow and a slight pinky colour in order to brighten your complexion before even using any makeup. I place a small amount on my finger tips and massage into the face and neck. The same is applicable for the Night Cream which is cool and calming and ultra moisturising to the point where you can feel it working its magic all throughout the night.

4. Loreal Youth Code Eye Cream -
I use this eye cream twice a day, placing a few dots of the product under my eyes and massaging it in with my ring finger.

For those Troublesome Spots -

1. Boots, Skin Clear Spot stick

I am very lucky to say that I have never been one to suffer badly from spots. I get a couple every now and then through stress or TOTM but other than that I am so so lucky! However, if I do start to feel even a slight tinge of a spot coming through I wack out this Skin Clear wand as my first and only method of defence. It is a great price and works just as well as tea tree oil. It has a little dove foot applicator perfect for placing directly on to the trouble spot!

Looking After Those Smackers -

1. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub -
I would recommend this to any one, no matter what their age or sex. This is a beautiful product and the hint of sugar gives me a burst of happiness. I rub the little grains of sugar across my lips making sure to exfoliate the corners leaving such a smooth surface underneath. Afterwards, you lick it off! Perfect. I love this and use it about 4 times a week.

2. Vaseline, Pink Bubbly-
Vaseline is such a statement lip moisturising tool. I usually switch up between this, body shops lip butter and carmex. Coating my lips in this morning, night and usually throughout the day eliminates any dry patches or annoying cracking.

Top Tip -

DRINK WATER. Lots and lots of it. Water is your friend. Get it? There is nothing more satisfying or healthy than hydrated skin!



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  2. I really must buy some Bioderma! Can't believe I still haven't tried it haha

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  3. Very helpful post!
    Love it. I tried the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, I was in love with it at one point of time.
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  4. I love reading skin regime posts! I couldn't live without Bioderma xx

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