3 C's Diet and Fitness Series: Chance #1 - My Gym Routine

Gym. Heaven to some, hell to others. Throughout school I was never the one to jump at fitness, gym programmes or sports games. It wasn't until 2 years ago when I really began thinking about incorporating the gym in to my everyday life. My two best chums at the time were both members at the local gym, so I took the chance a started a membership. I haven't looked back since. I also have a gym membership at Uni meaning I can still keep on top of my fitness even during term time.

Over the last couple of months (apart from this week, birthday week = lazy), I have really stepped up my gym routine in order to get summer ready. The exact machines I use in my routine often change daily/weekly/whenever I feel like it BUT the basis of my routine involved 30-50min cardio and 20min-30min strength and resistance. I will often only go to the gym merely for their cardio and come home to do my strength exercises' through Pilates. However, for this post, I am going to take you through my gym routine when I stay their for the full programme.

I usually arrive at the gym at around 5.30ish, this time works well for me. I get very hungry which often leads me to become nauseated after the gym, however if I go at this time I know that as soon as I return home it will be dinner time. This also stands as an important element of my motivation to complete my workout.

My Routine
1./  I head over to the treadmill for my warm up, power walking/slow jogging for 5 minutes, this gets my heart rate up ready for the big stuff.
2./  My Cardio - this is often where I chop and change.
If I am feeling motivated and determined I stay of the treadmill starting regular sprint/jog/speed walk intervals at 30 secs to 2 mins each. I will keep doing this for 15-20 minutes.
Another thing I will do is hop onto the cross trainer and simply stay on it for 30 minutes. I find it a lot less physically and mentally strenuous than the treadmill but it also burns a decent amount of calories if done at a high level and speed.
The bike is a machine I turn to every time I go to the gym, even if it is just for 5 minutes. I wack the level up to 10 and cycle to my hearts content.
Another is the hill climber. It is an absolute killer and I usually hate every second of it, but once Im done I feel hella good! My top tip is to set your self a time or metres climbed and have something to reach before you stop.
The rowing machine is my last set of cardio. I often set to 1000m and see how quickly I can complete it.
I switch these up often to make up the amount of minutes doing cardio.
3./ Toning -
Power Plate - I hop onto the power plate. A vibrating plate that makes your muscles contract twice as much. I will do push ups, planks, sits up and squats on this machine. 20 reps 10 sets.
I usually only do matt work when I am at home doing Pilates, which will be a different post.
4./ Cooling Down-
I hop back onto the treadmill and walk slowly often on 5 speed on a slight incline. I do this for 5 minutes until my heart is slowing down and muscles are feeling a little looser.
I will then head over to the matts and do a couple of stretches. I really need to make stretches more prominent in my routine but that is simply down to laziness.
The amount I go to the gym often varies but it is usually no less than 4 times a week. I now enjoy going, and love the feeling of improving my body.
What is your gym routine?



  1. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. you're right there is defiantly something 80s inspired about them
    I can't do the gym- I've tried it a few times but it kills my back. I keep telling myself ilk get a good sports bra and try again but I still haven't. I'm so lazy!

    1. Haha! A good sports bra is a must! xxx

  2. This post is inspiring, I pretty much give up exercising everyday. 'I'm so done' has become my catch-line. I know I should keep going and it will pay off, in the end. Being fit is the only way of life.

    Glitter & Blush

    1. Thank you! Im going to do a post on motivation soon! Consistency is key xxx


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