Iddy Biddy MAC Haul

Hey Lovelies,

As you all know it was my birthday last week. My brother was at a dead end with a gift he could get me. I told him I would like some makeup and low and behold, like most men, he panicked, not having a clue what who when or where makeup came from. I expect from the help of my Mum, he decided to very kindly give me a voucher for House of Fraser... PERFECT!


So, as any beauty fanatic girlfriend would do, I dragged my hung-over boyfriend to the shops on a boiling hot Sunday afternoon. Heading straight to the MAC counter I knew exactly what I wanted to get my little mitts on! I couldn't wait to fill my bag full of beauty goodness!

I have wanted these products for a long time, and they are something I have waited a few months for. I am and I think I always will be a sucker for MAC products, for their quality, pigmentation and overall edginess. I really enjoy my shopping experience while at the counter, it almost feels as if they have all day to discuss beauty with you.  I purchased 5 items, 5 items that I knew could be used everyday for subtle day time look but when collaborated with my other products they could be transformed into an awesome evening look.

 I picked up 2 lipsticks, both of a light and subtle shade which I thought were perfect for summer and this beautiful weather we have been having. Snob is a beautiful pink shade, that can look quite Barbie-esque if applied too harshly. Yet with a cute little clear gloss over the top I love the colour that it gives. I love nude lippies, especially on a night out as I usually go very dark on the eyes. The nude lip isn't every bodies cup of tea, but I think it suits my face as I have very small lips. Mac's crème d'nude gave me the perfect nude hade for my lips while avoiding the foundation lip situation!

The eyeshadows' I picked up are ones that are very popular in the blogging community. Both woodwinked and Naked Lunch work so well either on their own or combined. The shimmer is unoffensive and the shades really compliment each other.

The last item I bought was Mac's Harmony Blush. Its shade is very natural and I found it hard to take a decent swatch picture. I have been using it to contour the hollows of my cheek. My face has seemed to unusually found the sun this year, so I have a bit of a tan and Harmony really compliments that.
I love my likkle purchases! It gets addictive though, I feel as if I could buy the whole store!
I hope you are all well


  1. Oh wow, lucky you! I have nominated you for the Liebster award, check it out on my blog :)

  2. Love the "Snob" lipstick, makes me wanna buy it to add to my collection!

  3. Oh my that creme d nude lipstick looks amazing! May have to try it myself


  4. Ohh I love Snob! Definitely on my wish list, looks so pretty [: I also get the exact same feeling when purchasing from MAC, it's that MAC magic! ^^ x

    Hollie ~ From Eden


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