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Hello my Lovelies,
Now, when I get an idea in my head I get fixated upon it and completely become obsessed with completing it as soon as possible. The other morning I woke up with the attitude that I was going to change my room and de-clutter it from all the junk and bits and bobs I had been collecting over the years.
It is safe to say that yesterday I went on a little shopping spree (guilty!). There are still a few more little purchases I would like to make before I am 100% happy, but I thought I would show you what I bought yesterday.
I am very particular about cushions, lining then up in a neat line before I go to bed and putting them exactly in their place in the morning. Because I live in Brighton at uni most of my time I never really had cushions at home, well.. I do now!
2 Pearl large cushions - Argos, Buy 1 get 2nd half price - £9.99 for both
2 Soft white cushions - Primark - 2 for £7.00
Silk feel birdcage cushion - Argos - 1/2 price at £4.99
Rectangular floral cushion - Primark - £4.00
Small Diamond cushion - Primar - £4.00

I am also very obsessive about candles, I love any scent that is fresh. I picked up this candle in the scent 'Tropical Hibiscus' for £5.99 at TK Maxx.

I picked up this gorgeous, chic lamp from BHS at 50% off for £20

Again another candle from the Tilley Parker London range at TK Maxx, it is such a gorgeous strong scent and perfect for spring days. I picked this up for £5.99. Behind it is circular vase with 3 pastel pink faux flowers, I bought this from Sainsburys last year.

I love little cute ornaments and pretty hanging shapes and I came across these in the home section at Primark. I love how the wicker heart has a cute country feel.
Wicker Heart - Primark - £1.50
Love Ornament - Primark - £1.00

I came across this cute bird diffuser a couple of weeks ago at TK Maxx and I had to go back a buy it! Its scent is vanilla and coconut, and although the smell is present and recognisable it is not too strong making it perfect for my bathroom. I can't remember the exact price of this but I think it was around £7.00

I am a sucker for any type of toiletries. This cute mandarin soap and hand lotion came in such a sweet crockery tray with a muslin hand cloth. It was irresistible for £5.99.

Last but not least, adding a little bit of luxury to my bathroom I picked up this super soft matt. By super soft I mean crazy crazy super soft, your feet literally sink in to it. I picked this up for £14.00 at TK Maxx.

I still would like to pick up some white/cream vintage frames - if anyone has any tips on where to find these I would be so grateful! I love the new look of my room, and I can't wait to show you all the finished product. It is definitely work in progress :)



  1. I love your decor. I'm just the same when it comes to de-cluttering or changing something around. I'll start with the draws under my bed and it'll turn into a whole different thing. x
    Check out my blog if you'd like http://amyadorebeaute.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thank you Amy! :) I know, it crazy but so satisfying!xx

  2. I love your decor! I love to redecorate my room, especially when I'm bored and when I get bored of my room! haha love the bed!

    just followed you :)

    1. Thanks Katie :) I love it too :) xxx

  3. Love all of them! You have got a really pretty room!
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