3 C's Diet & Fitness Series: Choice #1 - A Dietters Guide to Eating Out

Hello all :)
The first post of my 3 C's diet and fitness series is one dedicated to choice. As I have said before choice is all to do with making your own sensible and healthy food choices. Now, we have all been in the position where we are out with the girlies at a restaurant and in front of you is an array of gorgeous treats, meals and desserts to choose from. This is temptation at its highest, especially for me.
Eating out is one of my favourites social activities, but it is also the hardest and often leaves me feeling close to caving! If this sounds like you, I am here to give you my top 4 tips to eating out and making those healthy choices.
1.  Do your research : I find looking at the menu before going leaves me with less stress and an outlook of what is on the menu. I usually make my choices before I go meaning that when I arrive I will be less likely to head to temptation.
2. Check out the healthy options: Many, if not all restaurants offer a healthy option be it salads or fat free produce. I am a huge Italian food lover and Zizzi and Pizza Express are on my top visited restaurants. On both menus there are healthy options. If you want a pizza, have a pizza, but the healthy version on a smaller, thinner base with a salad.
Below is a picture of the Superfood Salad at Zizzi. I love it and it has become my staple meal.
3. Share - We are all human, and there are many of us who have ravenous days. Where we look at a menu and want everything, starter main and dessert - the whole shebang. To counter this I always make sure I share my portions, sharing a starter or sharing a dessert gives you that kick but still allows you to have a smaller and more controlled portion.
4. Do not deprive yourself - Girls, if you want a dessert, please, just have one. Make that choice. The more you deprive yourself the more you will be gorging once you get home.


  1. great post, the food in the photo looks yum!

    Leyla xx

    1. It is :) You should definitely try it xxx

  2. It's such a good idea to allow yourself a treat. Thanks for the tips :)


    1. It is a thing that most people ignore while trying to live a healthy life - you are allowed to treat yourself :D

      Thankyou xxx


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