Returning with the 3 C's




The 3 C's, trivial to some, but everything to me.

The halt in my blogging journey was mirrored by a halt in my life, my outlook and my motivation. It has been 6 months, but those 6 months have completely been the most vital and significant in my life so far. I took a chance in controlling my choices which provided CHANGE. A change for a better, confident and more healthy me.

I have finally worked out who I am, what I want and where I want to be. I feel and look the healthiest I have ever felt - this is a huge breakthrough. My relationship with Jack still as strong as ever, but I have found a new love for myself. Fitness and health now takes huge precedence in my life, I take in to account my calories, my workouts, my nutrition and put my health first every single time.

I feel I have a new lease of life, and a new outlook where I am extremely optimistic.

Motivation, self love and worth is all I needed to find, and well, I found it. I have been thinking about making this blog post for a while, I have written it numerous times only to find myself deleting it over again. Trying to make you understand why I abandoned you all for months is so hard but I hope I have explained myself well. Below I am going to include a picture of myself, a picture that is my trophy, or the cover photo for this new, healthy chapter of my life.

So, as with life, I want to bring these 3 C's back in to my blogging world. One that had to be paused in order for its development. After all, my blog is my outlet and a way of expressing myself. To be outing myself as a pessimistic and unhealthily comfortable woman is something that doesn't lend well to commitment or satisfaction for both parties.

Those of you who have followed and read my blog from the start, I will be adapting it to not merely beauty and lifestyle but also food, health and fitness. It is something I am passionate about and something I would love to pass on to you guys. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

So here I am Sophisiticates I return with a vengeance, stronger and more powerful than ever!

I still love you all so much


  1. lovely to see you back on the blogging wagon Sophie! love this! x

    1. Thank you so much lovely, it's great to be back xxxx


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