The 3 C's Series - Diet and Fitness

I spoke about the 3 C's yesterday in my first post.

These 3 C's being:
 Chance, Choice and Change.

I dedicate my new routine and healthy outlook in life towards these words. Therefore, I am planning a new health and fitness series for Sophisticate blog. Each week I will focus on these 3 words as a separate entity that ultimately become the new and improved you. I will be telling you how I lost weight, how I maintain weight, my food choices, my gym routines and how I treat my new healthy body.

The simple sum to an improved you is ;

Chance + Choice +/= Change
If you are going to commit to solving and completing this equation alongside me, then this must me kept in your mind at all times. This equation is your life, treat it with caution and handle with care.
Although simple words, these words transcend towards particular attributes to my life and their own worth. So, below is an explanation of each and their role within mine and your new healthy life.
Chance -
Chance is my buzz word when it comes to exercise. Now is the time to take a chance, say yes to new workout routines, new classes. If you're feeling nervous about exercising in front of others, or making that first step towards a healthy life, take that chance, embrace it. 6 months from now you will not be regretting or embarrassed about taking that chance. Therefore, my Chance posts will be focussing on exercise, challenging myself, and inviting you to take that chance with me.
Choice -
Choice and the power of choosing is the most important element when it comes to my diet. By making good choices you can adapt and change your life. I am a right foodie, and food plays a huge role in my life so I had to take control of my food choices in order to make this change. One important piece of advise that I stress to everyone and anyone is if you want it, have it but in moderation. Choice and moderation is essential. Choice posts will be food diaries, recipes, eating guides and my tips and tricks.
Change -
Change your life, your motivation and your outlook. Improve yourself and love yourself. Change posts will be about how I look after my body, beauty bits, chatty bits, things I do for fun and how I enjoy myself.
Lets get started then Sophisticates. All you need is CCC. Take the pledge, commit to me and I promise you can do it! Take my 3 C's programme along with me and lets support each other.


  1. Brilliant post so different to other posts I have read I will be follow this weekly feature

    New followers here in blog luvin and gfc

    Carrieanne x

    1. Thanks lovely! Great to have you alongside me!


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