You're Boyfriend and University : How to Cope

Hi Guys!

This post has been long awaited and I have finally found a spare hour to write, edit and publish it for you guys.

During the summer, I had a lot of questions about my boyfriend. Asking me if he was at the same university, how far away he lived and how long we have been together. I also had many people worrying about going to university and leaving their boyfriends at home. I feel that right now is the perfect time of year to publish this post. I am now in week 6 of teaching, assessments are beginning and the feelings of missing home is kicking in.

So, with no further ado I am going to answer these questions for you.

1. How long have you and Jack been together?
Jack and I have been together for over a year now, we met in the summer of 2011 on holiday.

2. Does Jack go to the same university as you?

No, Jack has a job back at home and doesn't attend uni. This was hard for me at first, as we had met in July and I was off to uni in September. This gave me only 2 months to spend with him before I moved an hour away. Most people judged this, and told me I was making the wrong decision getting into a relationship, merely because of the time. However, I refused to listen. My heart rules my head, and most of the time they work in sync - this is a perfect example of that.

3. How often do you see eachother?

Last year, we timed it that we would see eachother every 2 weeks. I would go home one week, then two weeks later he would come and visit. However, this year we have been seeing eachother almost every week. Which is lovely! I guess the upside for me is that I only live an hour away, therefore, the train is less than £20 and it only takes an hour to drive. If I went to a university a bit further away, this would probabaly become a problem.

4. Have you found it hard? Isn't there loads of temptation at uni, especially freshers week?

There have been periods where I have found it difficult, and these are the times when I am homesick, stressed about uni work or feeling ill. However, I feel that although Jack is an hour away, I wouldn't have been able to get through uni without him. He is always there to phone when I need an outsiders perspective, and would always come and visit if I needed him desperately.
Temptation wise; personally, no. Freshers week for me was a week to make friends, have fun and settle in. It wasn't, like some people, to get absolutely wasted and meet loads of boys. Maybe I had that attitude because I was in a relationship, but the close friends I have made at uni also had that attitude - you are drawn to people like yourselves. To be honest, I have said, and I still say that if I ever get to the point when I have feelings of "temptation" that is when I should end the relationship. I personally feel like you shouldnt be in a relationship if you can picture yourself with someone else.

5. What is your secret?

The key to having a boyfriend and coping long distance is EFFORT. Aslong as you both WANT to see eachother, and keep up the same amount of EFFORT, on both sides, things will be fine. Of course, its not going to be a walk in the park everyday of the year but it is the bad times that make the good times better, right?


  1. This is a great post, so many people email me asking how I keep my relationship going at university! I see my boyfriend every two weeks but I'm so busy with university work and blogging that the time literally flies by! x

  2. Great post and so true, I did a post on my blog on long distance relationships and how to make them work. I think the most important thing is communication. But like you said, the bad times make the good times better!

  3. Really sweet post. I'll be leaving my boyfriend of a year at home and moving four hours drive away in September, but I'm sure we'll manage! :)


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