My Top 5 Winter Warmers

It's that time of year again, people call it Autumn, but it really feels like its on the verge of a bitter winter! The clocks have gone back, its getting dark in the day - and you're just feeling let down that the summer promised was not as expected.

However, I am here to pick you up out of this ditch and give you my TOP 5 winter warmers - what I love during the winter - food, clothes and general!


Its closer to CHRISTMAS! Christmas is my favourite time of year and my Mum and I always run down to the garden centre to see the new stock! We first went a couple of weeks ago, this seems strange as it is october!!! But we left feeling all jittery and christmassy!

Hot water bottles - Yes i know hot water bottles can be used all throughout the year. But in winter
it really lives up to its purpose! I like to warm it up and put it in my bed about 15 minutes before I go up to sleep! It's like your cosying up on a radiator!

Shops - When winter hits, the shops go crazy with their christmas festivities - talking santa's and
polar bears everywhere you look!

Candles - Lighting a christmas/winter yankee candle feels so much more exciting then lighting a  yankee candle on any other type of day. Christmas cookie is my ultimate favourite! Its so nice to  be cosey by the flickering candles while outside is dark and merky - move moment!

Duvet - Who am I kidding? My duvet is my best friend throughout the whole year. But in winter it
just seems to satisfy me that little bit more! There is nothing better than turning yourself into a
cacoon/crepe/wrap and surround yourself with cosey lovliness.


Winter food means one thing - CHRISTMAS DINNER! The most exciting meal of the year.
Christmas day is the one day of year where you can eat until you feel sick and not feel guilty.
Pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties, parsnips.... mouth it dribbling while I write this!

White Chocolate hot chocolate - "options" do a sachet of white chocolate hot chocolate. You can  add it straight to hot water or hot milk. I warm milk up in the microwave and stir in one sachet.
Heaven in a glass! Perfect for those chilly winter evenings! As a plus, the sachets are also catered to those of you who are watching your weight and contain less calories.

Turkey Soup - every year after christmas, my Mum makes a turkey soup out of the turkey left over. We only have this once a year, and my anticipation for it grows significantly as we get closer to  December/January. It is SOOO yummy! Soup as a whole is just perfect for winter, warming your insides!

Chocolate - I find that the winter season offers a perfect excuse to eat chocolate. Like I have said previously, christmas day offers the perfect day for chocolate galore! We only ever get that much chocolate at christmas - selection boxes!

Casserole - You can't go wrong with a good ol' casserole or stew. If you're anything like my Mum you leave them to stew for hours and hours. It fills the house with the most beautiful scent leaving you almost gagging for the dinner. A casserole really warms you up and we call it in our family "winter food" or "rainy food". If you don't quite fancy cooking a casserole yourself, how about try Heinz's range - "the BIG soup" - they have versions of casseroles and stews in a pot you can stick
in the microwave.


The Fleecy PJ's from Primark - I bought my first pair of these a couple of weeks ago. Safe to
say, I LIVE in them. You have probably seen them in my blog - but are leapord print trousers with a black fleecy long sleeved top with a leapord print bow. They are SO comfy and cosey. I would wear them every day if I could.

Tights and boots - with shorts, skirts or dresses, tights and boots are just an awesome fashion piece.
Warm and cosey, but remaining stylish and on trend - tights and boots allow you to flaunt you
summer clothing without getting a sniffly nose!

Winter Coat - It's always so exciting when you go shopping for your new winter coat. There are so
many options this year! I am loving the fur lined hoods and cuffs! We all end up wearing this coat everyday so it is really important you get the one you LOVE.

Cosey socks - whether it's knee high socks or fuzzy slipper socks, socks in the winter really do not
let you down. I wear knee high socks with my boots and fold the top over - I love the look this gives. Anytime I am in the house, I will wear either slipper socks or slippers - I have some shaped like a cat from primark (£4) - so cosey!

Dressing Gown - In the winter I find myself putting my dressing gown over my clothes! Nothing drowning yourself in all its fluffiness!

I have noticed that there are a lot of references to sleeping here! - duvet, dressing gown, pj's, slippers! Winter is definately a lazy season for me, I love cosying up in front of the fire with a nice book!

What are your favourite winter warmers?

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