5 Things that keep me Smiling!

Hallooo There!,

So, today has been one of those days where I have been feelings pretty "blaaa". Blaaa is the only way to describe it! I wasn't feeling particularly great or on form this morning, i've got essays in for next week and im just generally a little bit stressed out!

Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know, 5 things that keep me smiling when im feeling "blaaa".

1. Jack! Jack is the #1 reason I smile most of the time. He will always keep me giggling!

2. Phonecalls home ! I am quite a home bird so it is extremely easy for me to get a little homesick from time to time.  A phonecall home will just sort me out in a second, and have me smiling! I love finding out what my family have been up to, and it also means that its closer to the time when I can come and visit home again!

3. Revenge! (The TV show... not actual revenge, revenge is never sweet!) Jack and I have been watching revenge, and everytime I have to refrain myself from watching it until we are together again! I am only in the middle of season 1 and I am already on the edge of my seat. I really dont know how they manage to carry it on onto two seasons! Flabagasted! It is SUCH a good show, and I really enjoy watching it at the moment.

4. Funny YouTube videos! Those of you who know emma (check out my vlog channel), you'll know that we have been having a giggle over youtube videos recently. Our search history is hilarious, ranging from "funny people falling over" and "the best proposal ever". For me, people falling over, or tripping over is just the funniest thing EVER. I think it's because of the threat of the "awkward" laughter that makes you laugh more! If you're in need of a giggle - YouTube people falling over!

5. Just a chin-wag! I could talk for England, and I LOVE having those random chats/chin wags over  a cuppa about nothing in particular! They are usually the funniest chats too! I find that if I lock myself away in my room all day, I end up doing nothing which ultimately makes me feel worse. So I try my best to have a lil chin wag - even if it is over blogger - to make me smile :D


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