Urban Decay

         A shock to hear this morning through the grapevine (twitter) was that urban decay were to begin to sell their products in China. As I am sure you are aware, Urban Decay as a company, have previously been against animal testing. However, it is a known fact that the government in China enforce animal testing as legal. Therefore, by agreeing to sell their products in China Urban Decay have sacrificed their original view on animal testing.

Taking an obvious interest in this subject, I have monitored their twitter account like the detective journalist I aspire to be. It has turned quiet in the past few hours, however, with an extreme amount of tweeters shocked by this news, it is fair to say that Urban Decay have resorted to ignoring their comments.

Looking at Urban Decay's original stance against animal testing, it is interesting to look at why they have turned to China. Is it for profit, greed? What do you think?

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