It's Date Night!

Over the past few weeks, with exams and moving out of University, my boyfriend and I haven't been able to spend quality time with eachother. It is also our 10 month anniversary which provided us with an legit excuse to go out and celebrate. Last night, we booked a table at a lovely local restaurant. We both managed to grab a lift from a friend so we were able to order a cheeky bottle of pinot!

The place we chose was called "Piccolino" which serves beautiful italian food. My boyfriend and I are extremely large fans of italian food, it seems whenever we go out for a meal it involves italian. Nevertheless we had a special and memorable evening together. It was SO lovely to spend this time with him, and made me realise just how lucky I am!

We started off our meal by sharing a garlic, tomato and basil flat bread which was served on an impressive raised platformed plate. Of course, we polished that off pretty quickly. It was gorgeous! We then decided to order the same - bone in sirloin steak (medium-welldone). However Jack had peppercorn sauce while I had garlic and parsely butter. When our lovely waitress bought the plate over a look of shock came over us - the steak was the size of my head! And in actuality, that is extremely large! We had to take a photo :

It was served with 2 beautiful grilled flat mushrooms and tomato with a side of chips. The steak was cooked perfectly and was very succulent and juicy. I'd definately reccomend steak on the bone for that extra juice!

After the epic steak, we were presented with the desert menu. There were so many things that tempted our fancy but the large steak had completely satisfied our hunger. However, we decided that we HAD to try the chocolate, caramel fondant with vanilla ice cream. We shared the load, and my god! It was just beautiful - melt in the mouth warm chocolate pudding. The caramel also added a slightly different flavour to the dish and was such a complement to the taste buds.

Then, it was cocktail time! We made our way downstairs to the bar and ordered a cosmopolitan cocktail. We watched as our barmen put in the shots and shook the ice - very impressive! The cocktail was very strong - just how I like it! Of course, Jack was unimaginative and stuck with a pint of beer. Which, evidently, suited him perfectly.

We had such a perfect evening together. Jack and I are very "foody" people and we always judge the food with precision. We had visited this restaurent earlier in the year, but this visit had well and truely exceeded our expectations. It was a great oppurtunity to celebrate the many things we had overcome and enjoyed in our first 10 months of being together.

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