July Favourites

Hello All,
It is that time again! The end of the month, meaning that I have a July Favourites post for you guys. I always feel that a month isn't long enough, it seems as if it flies by - making it quite hard to pick my favourite products. My June favourites post which you can read here still apply to my daily/weekly routine and are still what I consider to be my favourites. However, another month, another load of products! I have decided to split my favourites into three categories : hair care, skin care and makeup. This way, you guys can pick and choose what products you would like to read about.

Hair Care

TRESemme 24 Hour Root Boosting Spray -
I think all of us have been very aware of that yellow thing in the sky radiating heat and light upon us, if not, then we may have realised our hair becoming limp and lifeless. It is not secret that hot and humid weather can effect your hair, so I went on a mission to find a product to combat this. I have used TRESemme's 24 hour body range before, so I decided to look there for a product to increase volume. This easy to use spray is just sprayed directly onto your roots after washing. This means it is applied on damp hair - making it work through blow drying (I usually blow dry my hair upside down). It has the standard smell that is associated with the brand which I find quite pleasant. It has really made a difference to my hair this month and I will definitely be repurchasing.
Lee Stafford - Argan Oil Miracle Oil -
Along with lifeless hair comes dry hair. I am victim to the horrible side effects of hair dying. Last summer I had a stint of becoming a blonde bimbo, it didn't last long, but the damage to my hair is irreversible. I am considerably lucky though as the damage isn't too obvious. However, I do suffer tremendously with split/dry ends. I got this product for my birthday along with the conditioner from the same collection. The great thing about this oil is that is can be used both on dry hair and wet hair. I rub a pea sized amount between my fingers and run through the ends of my hair after washing and before drying. If I require a deeper treatment I will often apply before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning. After using the product my hair looks visibly nourished and feels heavenly soft.
Skin Care

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips -

I had heard so much about these miracle strips before I spotted them on sale in Boots. I had to pick them up as I find the original price tag must have been quite pricey (I got these for £5.99)! There is nothing more satisfying than pulling the nose strip off and looking at the baddies it has pulled out of your pores. It really is as simple as that, you slightly wet your nose, stick the strip on, wait 10 minutes and pull it off! It does feel quite tingly as the nose strip is hardening which in my eyes, is an indication that it works! I was surprised by feeling a little pain when pulling the strip off - but I can really say that it did clean my pores out perfectly! I even put it on my boyfriends nose to clear his pores out - you didn't want to see what was left on that when I pulled it off!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub -
This is another cult beauty blogger product and one that I definitely do not regret buying. I bought this pot before I went skiing earlier this year - anyone who has gone skiing would know that your lips tend to get very dry. Lip care was really something I had to get on top of and now I couldn't live without this pot of loveliness. I am a huge fan of lush products because they are all very natural and fair trade. Exfoliating your lips is something that you wouldn't necessarily think is important, but once you start you really do notice a difference. This product smells AMAAHHHZZZINNNNGG and tastes equally amazing. The great thing about it is that you can lick it off after - giving you a cheeky sugary treat in your skincare routine.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation -
I am a big big fan of a dewy foundation, and I was so happy when I found a drug store alternative in Rimmel's Wake Me Up. I have repurchased this twice since my original purchase and I love it. I use the shade #103 True Ivory which seems to be perfect for both summer and winter - my face never really manages to tan. Its application is typical of a liquid foundation and goes on very smoothly. Of course, it has an SPF in it which is amazing for your skin health - keeping your beautiful while protecting your skin! I find that dry matte foundations often stick to my dry bits leaving a flakey residue - I found this with the Matte Mousse foundation. However, because this has a dewy texture I am able to avoid this. It looks beautiful and leaves my skin feeling and looking glowey. It sometimes does leave a sticky residue after application but this often goes after the application of some powder or leaving a little time for it to dry.

MAC's Snob Satin Lipstick -
This lipstick is quite a recent purchase and is already a favourite! It featured in my MAC haul which you can read here. I love how girly the shade is and I always feel so glamorous with it on my lips. It looks great with a nude/light pink lip gloss over the top. Anyone who is anyone has tried/used/wants a MAC lipstick - their professional brand image and product quality is what sets this brand above most.

MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow -
Wowee is all I can say about this product - how pretty can one eyehadow look?! It looks perfect both by itself and mixed with other/darker shades. As a highlight or as a base colour, MAC's Naked Lunch is such a winner!
What are your July Favourites?


  1. I have been so tempted to try those Biore Pore Strips for so long but their high price tag has really put me off. I may just give them a go!
    Lovely post!
    Beauty Splash

    1. Definitely try them - I had another look in Boots yesterday and they're still on the same deal :) Thanks lovey xxx

  2. I've always been tempted to try Lush's lip scrub, it's such a pretty colour and the fact you can lick it off after sounds mega yum ^^

    I love seeing people's favourites! Thanks for the post! x

    Hollie ~ From Eden

    1. So good! There are other flavours too - but I love the bubblegum one and the fact its pink too :) Thankyou lovely xxx

  3. That MAC lipstick is such a gorgeous colour and I've been lusting over Naked Lunch for ages :) lovely favourites and i love your blog!!



  4. Seriously want to try that lip scrub now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE that Lush bubblegum lip scrub! It is absolutely amazing and tastes delicious. I also like the look of that Mac Lipstick as I don't have very many pink lipsticks and this looks perfect.


    1. Yeah, I wear a lot of pinks - but if you don't this would be the perfect shade to start with xxx


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