Versatile Blogger Award

It was lovely to log on to my blog after a lovley christmas and New Year break to find that Sarah over at, askthebeautyeditor had nominated me for Versatile Blogger Award.
I always love these little awards and they are so fun to do!
The rules of the award:
- Thank the blogger which awarded you
- Share 7 random facts about yourself
- Nominate 7 fellow bloggers
- Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been awarded
- Add the Versatile Blogger badge to your blog
7 Random Facts -
- I would much rather go out for dinner and drinks than clubbing.
- Family is #1 in my life.
- I am a little obsessed with lipsticks at the moment.
- I am and have always been incredibly loving and sentimental.
- I am crazily organised with my uni work
- Stationary excites me a little bit
- Reading is my scape goat - perfect way to unwind
7 Blogs I am nominating -
Lots of love xxxx

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  1. Great to read your random facts :) I've recently become a little obsessed with lipsticks too :)


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