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My long awaited Ebay purchases have finally arrived and I couldn't wait to show you my goodies!!

1. I have a skater skirt similar to this in black and after looking everywhere in the shops to no success, I decided to turn to Ebay. I am going to wear this high-waisted so it will come to about 4 inches above the knee. It has an elasticated waistband ensuring it has a comfortable fit, and beautiful black patent belt. The material is a rich cotton and relatively thick meaning its not see through!!  You can find this skirt in many different colours from this seller . At £7.99 the value is fabulous, and the cheap price does not match the garment in quality. It was delivering in less than a week - so very reliable. I LOVE this skirt and can't wait to pair it with a Bandeau when I go out, or a Tshirt for a casual look. What would you pair it with?

2. I have finally given into the trend and bought a sideways cross ring. I managed to find an Ebay seller through Victoria's blog. (Check it out, she is the total Ebay guru!). Again, this was delivered at lightening speed - so impressed. This ring is available from this seller. It is adjustable which means the ring can fit on any pair of your fingers. I also find that my fingers change size at different times of the year - Does anyone else get that? I'd love to know, just to clarify I am not some kind of mutant!

3. I have had bad luck with phone covers and if your anything like me it is essential you have one. I am so clumsy I drop my phone at least once a day. I purchased my last cover from one of the market stalls in my local town about 5 months ago - however, the back started to peel off and look quite tacky. It was definitely time I got a new one! I was looking for one that was understated and "mature" - if I can describe it like that! I thought this cover was beautiful and took influence from Gucci/Louis Vuitton-esque. Its leather style back was exactly what I was looking for. You can get ones similar to these from here.

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