Nude Pink Lips

I headed into Boots last week on a mission - to find a nude but pinkish lipstick. Sounds simple, but with the large array of nude lippies on the highstreet, it is hard to find the exact one, especially if you are picky like me. I eventually came across the Rimmel London section of the store. And I must say how impressed I was with the expansion of this brand. They are bringing out more and more products which are, in my opinion, on par with some of the "designer" branded products.

Lipstick Packaging
206, Nude Pink

The lipstick I chose was from the Lasting Finish Lipstick selection. Which you can purchase for yourself, here. At £4.99, you can't really go wrong, and I am pleased to say I didn't. There are a large array of colours available in this selection but the one most suited to my needs was in "NUDE PINK" NO.206.

As you can see from the swatch, the colour comes across as quite a peachy pink. This is what persuaded me with this product, because it was the colour that is most suited to my natural lip. I was specifically looking for a colour like this, in order to enhance my natural lip tone. I didn't want to add colour, I only wanted to enhance - I have relatively small lips so I often steer clear of bright colours on my lips, usually the nude colours are the ones which make my lips larger.
Colour Swatch.

I am hugely impressed with this product as it leaves my lips feeling moist - a far cry from the lipstick which dries out the lips and leaving an almost peeling residue that resembles orange peel. I have been wearing it ever since I bought it and it has easily slipped into my everyday makeup routine. What do you think?

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