Nike Training Club

So... it's that time of year again. You open your wardrobe look at your summer clothes and a look of shock covers your face - "How am I going to get into that by holiday?". I know that feeling. all too well.

As I have said before, I am off on holiday on the 16th July which means just under 4 weeks - PANIC! Okay, Okay, I know I should have began excercise and dieting a long time before, but I will use my exams as another excuse (it works well, cheeky!). One of my close girlfriends bought about this topic of conversation a couple of weeks ago, as we expressed the need to go for "that jog". You know the kind of jog that never actually happens! She mentioned how she had been using an app of her ipad called "Nike Training Club".

I am familiar with "Nike Training Club" as my university gym holds twice weekly classes with this name. It is a workout shaped entirely for women and their bodies. It takes the form of circut training and can be tough - moderate, depending on your committment and comfortability. When my friend mentioned it as an app, I found it hard to imagine how it would simulate the atmosphere you attain from attending gym classes. However, the workout can be easily shaped towards what you personally want to achieve whether that is toning, strengthening or plain cardio. It also runs off your itunes where you can create a specific playlist as encouragement, a woman's voice is present throughout offering you support - a fabulous attribute to the app. The app is surprisingly free, which is AWESOME as the quality of it is superb.

Choose your level of ability
Open page of the app

I have provided some snapshots for you guys, so you can see just how organised and easy it is to set up a personalised workout.

Choose your goal
A particular circuit - "Body Surge"

I am extremely and overly impressed by this app and especially for its price of £0! It is able to create a substancial gym class atmosphere which is shaped directly around YOU!
What do you think?
Join me in my 4 week quest for a beach bod!
Happy toning!.


  1. That looks like a great app. I'll see if I can download it. Hope it works well for you :)

    'That jog' I know that saying all too well!!

    Laura xx

    1. It's definately worth a download!!

      We are all guilty for 'that jog'



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