Hey Dolls :)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - had my last exam today so of course, in student style, was cramming in my last bits of revision.
FINALLY finished my exams! And strangely, feeling 50/50 about it. The paper was pretty unkind in section A asking a question which I felt so was out of the ordinary. However, section B was exactly what I wanted the question to be! SOOO happy!

I can finally look forward to all the exciting things ahead for summer 2012!

I am packing up my uni room tomorrow - end of an era! But I can't wait until I move into a house with my lovely group of friends.

I will be back into the swing of things , blog post wise by Monday. I have a view reviews lined up so keep your eyes peeled :)


  1. Well done on finishing your exams :) have a lovely summer!

    Karys x


I read and reply to everyone of your comments! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :D