Clinique's Airbrush Concealer

Every year when I am at the duty free I usually buy YSL's Touche Eclat concealer - I am partial to the cute little brush at the end. So, naturally, when I saw that Clinique were following in YSL's footsteps with their concealer I caved and eventually bought one.

"Illuminates and perfects"

Clinique market this particular "airbrush concealer" as one that illuminates and perfects. After using this product for the past week and a half I completely agree with this statement.
I am VERY lucky to say that I have never suffered from skin troubles such as, acne or blemishes. However, my skin does have the tendancy to look dull sometimes. Therefore, this airbrush concealer was the perfect solution for me. It does cover the occasional spot that arises for me, but most of all it brightens my complexion in dark areas such as the inner corners of my eyes and my bags.

In order for the concealer to come out of the tube you have to twist the bottom - I haven't quite got the hang of this twisting yet. I seem to get a lot of concealer come through the brush at once which means I cannot use the small brush provided. However, I have developed a solution to my slight problem. I will dab the concealer on the problem areas with the brush and then using a small, clean, eyeshadow brush I lightly tap to the concealer into my skin. It creates the perfect airbrush affect.

This neutral shade has quickly become part of my everyday makeup routine. It illuminates and perfects my skin - exactly what it says on the label.


  1. Oh I usually SWEAR by YSL stuff so I commend you on taking the plunge and going for something different! Clinique I see her again haven't failed to disappoint! When my own YSL runs out I may to buy this little beauty instead! Lovely blog!

    Gemma x

    1. It's definately worth it - and slightly more affordable.


  2. This looks lovely, must give it a try!

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